The last word must be buried deep          
2012 - 2018

This is a visual record of the seven years I lived and worked as a news correspondent in the Philippines. I didn’t set out to tell a specific story when I took these pictures. I simply documented my time there.

When I pieced all the images together, a complex story became apparent - a snapshot of the turmoil of post-colonial and inter-generational trauma.

For the Filipino people, who live under the oppression of an overtly corrupt political system and the devastating effects of climate change, personal safety is not a given. In this context, religion, TV, celebrity culture, guns, populist political dynamics provide distraction, soothing and a perceived sense of safety.

On a personal level, this work was also an opportunity to understand my ancestry and make sense of my difficult relationship with my mother. In looking for answers I found a lot of acceptance and compassion.